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Original Manufacturers of Fire-Rated Doors, Interior Doors and the Original Magnesium-oxide Shaft Doors.


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Magtech Doors

Opening Doors to the Future

We design & manufacture a wide-range of doors and access panels that meet fire-rated standards where applicable.

Magtech Doors has quickly become the most specified shaft doors in Thailand, sure to our high-quality quality products, innovative design and our commitment to providing excellent service.

All our doors and frames are pre-assembled and pre-hung to fit your exact requirements.

Shaft Doors

Providing service access in riser-shafts and partition walls.

Interior Doors

High-quality pre-assembled and pre-hung interior doors. Solid core and hollow core.

WPC Doors

WPC extruded door panels. Finished with HPL, PVC wrap or by Painting.

Fire Exit Doors

Fire rated and non fire rated metal doors. For industrial and residential projects.

CDU Doors

Providing service access and acoustic insulation for CDU units.

Metal Doors

Fire rated and non fire rated metal doors. For industrial and residential projects.

Access Panels

Pre-assembled, concealed, panels. Lift-out panel, for maximum, clear access.

Screens & Facades

Screens & Facades with perforated images.

Innovative Design

Unparallelled Quality

At Magtech Doors our focus is on our customers. Our products are designed to make installation easier and eliminate most on-site issues


Our fire-rated doors are certified to BS-476 Part-22 (British Standards)


Supplying to the construction industry in Thailand and South East Asia since 2012

Our Product


We design and manufacture products ranging from shaft doors with architrave or concealed frames to interior doors, fire rated and non-fire rated.

We also custom-build products to meet specific requirements.

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Are all Magtech shaft doors pre-assembled?

Yes, our concept is to remove the problems and defects, associated with on- site work. All of our doors and access panels are pre- assembled, ready for easy and quick installation.

Are you the manufacturer of all your products?

Yes, all of our products are designed and manufactured, in-house. We employ over 50 factory workers and our factory is fully equipped with the Latest, CNC machinery, for both timber and sheet meal production.

Do you provide installation?

Yes, we can provide installation service, if required.

Can you supply special-purpose access doors?

Yes, we can also help design, or simply manufacture them, to customers’ specs.

Are Magtech's fire-rated doors, certified?

Yes, our fire-rated doors and panels are tested and certified to BS 476 Part 22.

Can you supply to projects outside of Bangkok?

Yes, we can and regularly do supply outside of Bangkok, including to our neighboring countries.

Does Magtech Doors produce any products, other than shaft doors?

Yes, we also produce, Fire-rated Timber & Steel Doors, Interior Doors, Ceiling & Bathtub access panels. We can also supply Decorative Screens and Facades.

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Committed to our customer's utmost satisfaction throughout the project. From design stage, through manufacture & supply, to installation and after-sale service. Magtech Doors has become synonymous with innovative solution-oriented products and excellent service levels, making us one of the most trusted door manufacturers in Thailand.